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Today’s Topic: 12.9.2013

For all my insanely loyal followers, I take weekends off because my internet becomes suspiciously spotty over the course of the weekend.  Perhaps I could hire Paul Gleason to give a firm and quite threatening speech, but unfortunately wireless internet connection isn’t a lucid being.  We have finally arrived to a new week with new things to talk about like College Football, The NBA, College Basketball, and WHAT THE HELL ALEX MORGAN WAS ENGAGED? Remember when Alex Morgan was my pick for Athlete of the Year?  Yeah…me too…that seems such a long time ago.  Anyway, today the braintrust of one delves face first into the world of the current NBA.


As they say in Star Wars: A New Hope, “He doesn’t like….I don’t like you either.”  I’m almost starting to get an OSU-Michigan vibe from Paul George; what’s more important, Paul, beating the Heat or winning a championship?  Tonight (yes I do realize this is the topic for Monday, but I had work to do and couldn’t quite make it to my computer…go fall in a ditch) the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat will meet for the first time since that fateful night when Miami eliminated the upstart Pacers from the playoffs last June.  Will it be intense?  To be clear, it’ll be a lot like lion taming or this pusheen gif.  Miami and Indiana are, arguably….actually forget arguably….Miami and Indiana are the two best teams in the east.  Only the Atlanta Hawks are over .500 aside from these too Goliaths.  Some have argued they have feasted off the horrid Eastern conference, but the teams are a staggering 10-2 against the West (although both losses have come in the only games against Western Conference leaders Portland and Oklahoma City).  The Heat are a puzzling 11-5 against the East, while the Pacers are certainly taking advantage of the lackluster league, sporting a record which makes even the most hardhearted Ohio State fan cry: 12-1.  Now why do I mention this?  Well, here are some things:

Paul George and LeBron are currently the leading horses for the ever interesting, pthhhhh, race for the NBA MVP.  What has been a forgone conclusion since LeBron’s relocation seems to have ushered in a decent contender in George….it might not even be far-fetched to say PG is actually leading the pack around turn 1.  If you’re looking for the biggest and best matchup of NBA stars, Kobe-LeBron is no longer appealing since Kobe is as spry as I am and Durant hasn’t had the sex appeal and intense nature which has made past NBA player rivalries so enticing to watch.  Pauley hates the Heat and something tells me LeBron isn’t too fond of playing Indy….with pride and proof on the line it will be fun to see what happens between these two basketball behemoths tonight.

Also, The Pacers have something to prove.  As defending champ, Miami is reprehensible until we see their name scratched from the bracket in May/June.  The Pacers?  They lack certain finger jewelry to make them even arguably one of the NBA’s best teams.  It’s been the cross of many players, coaches,  and teams, but until you’re wearing a ring, you’re about as proven as a Spartan who hasn’t wrestled the great wolf.  Look for the Pacers to start out with an intensity the champs won’t match.  I don’t forecast the Heat being too worried about a December road game; after all, they know exactly when winning matters for them (hint: it’s the playoffs).  The Pacers are out to show they can beat Miami, and even if it is in December when the Heat might not be playing with fire…unless you’re using the old cliche “playing with fire” because that’s what the Heat will likely be doing tonight…I’ll stop before I dig myself a bigger hole…


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