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Colts’ Overhaul

A 2-14 season is nothing to be proud of for an NFL franchise.  The Indianapolis Colts are a franchise who are not seasoned to being a bottom feeder the way St. Louis, Buffalo, and Cleveland are; however, the Colts found their Achilles’s heel this season when Quarterback Peyton Manning’s neck ended the career of seemingly then entire Colts’ staff…thereby almsot ensuring his own demise.  The Colts earned the first overall pick this coming April via an awful season in which the first 13 games looked like an Appalachian State-Michigan match-up and appear to be set on selecting Quarterback Andrew Luck.  Thanks in large part to Joe Falcco and Matt Ryan’s successes are rookies in 2008 allowed starting rookies at the QB position to become acceptable…only to be bolstered by Cam Newton and Andy Dalton’s phenomenal rookie campaigns this year.  Dalton, Ryan, and Flacco all came from pro-style systems and immediately showed how important the pro-style background can be too NFL success.  Newton is just blesssed, it would appear.  Thus, Andrew Luck (coming from a pro-style offense, has all the offensive tools, and willbe a rookie) apepars to be headed directly to the apex of a team’s depth chart come next September.  Thus, with the Colts holding the #1 overall pick, it would seem destiny for Luck to be starting for the Colts come September…so what happens to the great Peyton Manning?  The Colts have succumb to a #classic case of overreactivity (not a word).  Since the end of the NFL season, the Colts have seen the departure of the Polians, who were fired by Jim Irsy following the 2-14 campaign.  Bill had been Vice President for 13 years and had created the Colts we have seen for the past decade and Chris was part of the Colts for 12 years, including being General Manager for the 2009, 2010, and 2011 seasons.  Despite the success of the franchise under Polian’s leadership, it was a “what have you done for me lately without your star Quarterback” attitude for Irsy.  Just to continue his panic attack, Jim Irsy fired head coach Jim Caldwell.  With Peyton Manning, Caldwell was 24-8 in the regular season.  This year (minus Manning) Caldwell was 2-14.  Trend is being picked up on.  Finally, Irsy will likely draft Luck and trade Peyton Manning.  With all the changes Irsy is making, he clearly believes the problem this year was not Manning’s neck, but rather simply the Polians were too old and the Colts needed new blood in the front office and Jim Caldwell is not a good enough coach to win in the NFL.  If Irsy is correct, Andrew Luck will be able to lead the Colts to the playoffs and win double-digit games.  If Luck fails to accomplish anything short of a playoff birth, then Irsy was wrong and he should have kept Manning.  Since Peyton became the starter, the Colts are 129-67.  Without Manning since he was drafted, the Colts are 2-14.  Hopefully for Andrew Luck, Irsy is right and he goes 10-6, makes the playoffs, and succeeds…but odds are he won’t.


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