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Today’s Topic: 12.5.2013

Today Jameis Winston was revealed as being “not guilty” and it surprised literally no one.  As my friend so eloquently said, “If he was being charged with rape why would they wait a day to announce it?  I mean it’s rape.”  So in other words the National Title picture and Heisman Race were undeniably unaffected by what was supposed to be a momentous announcement.  I suppose now we’ll have to go back to talking about Auburn and OSU…or something far more important.


Nelson Mandela was a political figure who was undervalued and unappreciated by the world he lived in.  Maybe not in South Africa, I’ve never had the privilege of being there, but certainly in America.  In a country where racism diluted the honor and integrity of a country for centuries and even exists today, a man with the courage of a Nelson Mandela should be revered and admired outside the textbooks.  As a student, I learned a little about Nelson Mandela.  The name rang a bell and the words touched the soul, but the true story was never readily spoken.  He was a man whose integrity knew no bounds and his humility made us believe he was more like us than his own divinity seemed to portray.  I wish I had some magical words to write about Mandela.  Something which would touch the soul and make you understand the way he changed not just South Africa, but the world.  No figure in that nation will ever be as titanic or timeless as Mandela.  He was a person who transcended our world and, having read about him prior to my schooling, makes me feel so small.  His intentions were never to become powerful or famous, simple side-effects of an all-too-powerful personality and a unfailing desire to better the world.  I hope you can take the time to read about Nelson Mandela.  To find how he was a man beyond men whose name deserves to be revered beyond many we take the time to honor.  Please, read beyond this short passage, because it does not do honor to the man.  I’ll never understand completely the size of the man and the strength he possessed, but I am fully aware there will never be another Nelson Mandela.


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