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Picking Against the Spread: Week 4

Picking the Real Top 16 against the Spread?  That and more!  Let’s get it on!


Game Spread Pick Info
Arizona State @ #15 Stanford Stan-8½ Arizona State The Sun Devils left me out to dry be not covering last week, but were lucky enough to get a win.  Stanford did not cover either…against Army.  Arizona State gets the pick, but Stanford gets the win.
Savannah State @ #14 Miami Florida The U-55 Sv. State Sometimes you just can’t hang with your spread.  Miami will roll, but 55 leaves me with less confidence than a bet on a horse named tripod.
Maine @ #13 Northwestern NU-30 Northwestern 30 points aren’t too much for this explosive offense against FCS Northeast.  Northwestern lost to the spread against a terrible Western Michigan team…but Maine is even worse…and the spread is even smaller.
New Mexico State @  #11 UCLA UCLA-42 UCLA I figure Jim Mora will take it easy with the starters with Pac-12 play on the horizon.  That said, I’d take the UCLA rec team against New Mexico State, so the second teamers should be fine.  Plus, did you UCLA murder Nebraska in the second half?  The Bruins will have 42 by half time.
Florida International @ #10 Louisville UL-41 Louisville I thought Louisville was going to squash the Kentucky -12½ last week like the proverbial huge ass hairy mother of all scary shit spiders, but pedestrian-esque got me a win by 14.  Teddy wants more Heisman points…and putting up 400+ and 5 Tuddies against FIU is a nice addition.  Back to Oregonian football for the Cards.
Florida A&M @ #9 Ohio State Bucks-51 Ohio State Just putting confidence in Urban Meyer to run it up a little bit this week.  With Brax on Brax on Brax making his return, Urban should increase his reps more than usual against this bottom feeder.  51 is a lode of points, but Ohio State needs a huge victory this week to impress pollsters.
Bethune-Cookman @ #8 Florida State FSU-39 Florida State I’m sure you’ve noticed a huge trend of huge point spreads…well the only REAL game with a single digit point spread is Stanford-ASU…Anyway; Florida State has to win by more than 39, don’t they?
Idaho State @ #7 Washington Wash -49 Idaho State Nothing fancy for Washington this week.  Remember that HAHA schedule coming up I mentioned in the RT16 this week?  Shutting it down early, Keith Price and company will be fine winning 42-7 or so.
SMU @ #6 Texas A&M A&M-28 Texas A&M It’s worth mentioning this game’s Over/Under could easily be 100+.  Run and shoot versus the Texas A&M offense will be quite a shoot-out show…Well, it SMU expects to outscore Ca$h Mon€y they’re about the weird kid from Jimmy Neutron level of idiotic.  Final score prediction?  A&M: 77-SMU: 48
Auburn @ #5 Louisiana State LSU-17½ LSU This is my favorite line of the week.  Auburn can score…and if it weren’t for The “Real” Death Valley at night I might actually pick the other Tigers in this battle, but Zach Kingberger is the hottest Quarterback you have forgotten…and Death Valley at night.
Colorado State @ #4 Aluhbuhmuh Buhmuh-39½ Buhmuh I’m not one to just throw 39 and a half out the window, but Buhmuh has not had that Appalachian State game Adam Sandler is always talking about to the bad Irish guy from L.A. Confidential.  The Tide need a nice break and need to flex their muscle…Colorado State is the sacrificial lamb…or ram…whatever.
North Texas @ #3 Georgia GA-32 ½ North Texas North Texas is not embarrassingly awful like so many names I’ve typed today.  Georgia plays LSU next week after two already brutal games?  Georgia just runs through the motions and wins in the area of 24-27.
#2 Clemson @ N.C. State Clem-13 ½ Clemson What in the name of Dabo Swinney is this spread?  Look, the Wolfpack managed to beat Richmond in Week 2…but said “Ah, Fuck it” to their 23½ spread: winning 23-21.  Clemson is slightly better than Richmond…I hope.  Unless Vegas knows something I don’t, Clemson is going to absolutely roll N.C. State.
Oregon doesn’t play, but I’m still taking them against the spread.

Other Games of Interest

Game Spread Pick Info
Utah State @ USC USC-6 Utah State I think Utah State might be better than Washington State…and you know that story.  If you ever told me I’d be taking Utah State over the Trojans I’d have said, “Yeah and Chuckie Keeton is a black guy”…who knew?
Tennessee @ Florida Florida-17 Tennessee Can Florida even score 17 points?  I don’t care what the Tennessee offense can do against the Gators D, No chance Jeff Driskel can outscore the Vols.  In fact, put the AP darlings on upset alert in this rivalry game.
South Dakota State @ Nebraska Neb-20½ Nebraska I just wanted you to see this spread, loyal readers.  Think Vegas is tired of Nebraska’s shit?  The Huskers have routinely made the spread a bigger joke than Andrew Luck’s neck beard…but he shaved and they lost, so now I’m the fool.
Michigan State @ Notre Dame ND-6½ Notre Dame It’s spreads like these that make me prepare for a long week of hair pulling and curse muttering.  The Irish could easily win or lose by double figures with Tommy Three Turnovers at QB.  Sparty can’t score…end of section.
Michigan @ Connecticut Mich-17 ½ Meeschigan UConn is 0-2 with losses to powerhouses Townson and Maryland.  Really just another “CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SPREAD?” moment.  I bet Vegas sharks were looking at this to be a 30-40 pointer just a week ago.  Amazing what good Akron can do in the world.

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