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Picks Against the Spread: Week 13


Game Spread Pick Info
#16 Michigan State @ Northwestern MSU -7 Sparta! Michigan State is 6-3-1 against the spread this season and that tie resulted in the team’s only loss this season.  Michigan State has never lost a spread when favored by less than 10 points.  Northwestern has been falling harder than Jake Lloyd’s film career.  MSU has shown it can score a little bit as of late and I think they’ll only need 21 or so to beat this spread.
#15 Central Florida vs Rutgers UCF -17.5 UCF Despite my UCF pick losing to Temple against the spread last week, I also watched Rutgers get absolutely pounded by a very average Cincinnati team.  It really took me back to Cincinnati getting Scheelhaased in week 2.  UCF is still 6-3 against the spread, although all three losses have come as double figure favorites (Memphis, Houston, Temple)
#14 LSU vs #8 Texas A&M LSU -4.5 Texas A&M I’ll definitely throw away the four and half on this one.  LSU allowed Buhmuh to hang a 38 spot on the scoreboard, so there is no reason to expect Johnny Ca$h to put up less…the biggest x-factor is how many points can America’s third favorite fast food restaurant chain put up for his own team against the lackluster A&M defense…my brain thingy tells me not enough.
#13 Oklahoma State vs #5 Baylor Baylor -10.0 Okie State I’m not even sure who to pick in this one…this is a really tough spread for this game, so Vegas did its M.F. job.  It should be really high scoring which will always favor Baylor, but this is the first test for the Bears on the road.  Something smells a little fishy, but I think Baylor pulls out the win….Okie State gets the check.
#12 Mizzeruh @ Ole Miss Mizzou -2.5 Mizzou It obviously doesn’t, but to me a spread of -2.5 or less is asking “Do you think this team will win the game?”  I know teams can win by 1 or 2, but I just feel it doesn’t happen very often.  I can probably get the Elias Sports Bureau to help me out, but if Pollack won’t respond to me, why should they?  I think Mizzeruh will win, so the Tigers get the check.
#11 Stanford vs California Stan -31.5 Cal I’m throwing the points simply because that number is huge for the trees results so far this season.  If this was Oregon or UCLA or even Washington I’d probably take the points, but for Stanford to beat Cal by 32 or more seems a little much at this point.  California may be 2-5-2 against the spread, but all the wins/ties have come as huge underdogs.
#10 Wisconsin @ Minnesota Wisc -16.0 Minnesota I guess I haven’t fully learned my lesson for the Badgers.  They annihilated Indiana as I expect last week, but something smells a little bit like the hospital waiting room…that’s terrible.  I won’t say the Badgers will Jerry Kill the Gophers, but I do believe Wisconsin gets the win…Minnesota gets the check.
#9 UCLA vs Arizona State ASU -2.5 UCLA I didn’t put the Bruins at #9 this year with the expectation that they would lose this home game to Arizona State. The Bruins and Arizona State have that same unrivaled motivation of being the lucky Pac-12 South team to lose to Oregon in the Miss Congeniality of Conference Championship Games.  UCLA gets the win and therefore the check.
#7 Clemson vs The Citadel Clem -40 Clemson After watching Clemson light up the scoreboard against Ga-Tech, it is difficult not to see them putting up at least 56 on THE BEST TEAM EVER THE CITADEL IS SO AWESOME AND I WANT TO PICK THEM SO BAD BUT I JUST FEEL THAT 40 IS NOT ENOUGH POINTS FOR ME TO DO SO BUT I STILL LOVE YOU CITADEL!
#4 Oregon @ Arizona Oreg -20.5 Oregon I don’t really feel confident ever picking against Oregon and a sub-21 spread makes me almost feel a little nauseous…although Rich Rodriguez is the embodiment of everything evil in this world so we can’t be sure he won’t use his black witchcraft magical nonsense to beat this measly spread…where am I?
#3 Ohio State vs Indiana Bucks -34.0 Indiana Having been in Columbus I’ve heard it all week from both the television (my only real friend outside my laptop) and word of mouth: “[insert phony ESPN analyst here] is saying Ohio State is slipping and is going to lose to Indiana this week”.  Well, as the Bucks proved, this team isn’t Penn State.  I take Indiana against the spread only because I don’t think the Bucks will win by thirty-four…the cruise to a 28 point victory and ESPN calls it “surviving”.
#2 Buhmuh vs Chattanooga Buhmuh -49 Chattanooga Buhmuh takes it easy and A.J.T.J. and company are pulled at halftime.  The Tide win 42-0.
#1 Florida State vs somebody FSU -N FSU I still do not care who Florida State is playing.

Other Games of Interest:

Coastal Car. @ South Carolina S. Car. -34.5 Coastal South Carolina is going to win the game and we all know it, but Coastal Carolina is one of the finest 1-AA teams and as we’ve seen some of these teams are better than the middle of the pack 1-A teams.  Plus, the mascot for Coastal Carolina is everyone’s favorite rooster from the Canterbury Tales.
BYU @ Notre Dame EVEN BYU What if I told you that all of Notre Dame’s losses have come at home?  I’d be lying, but I know they got stomped by a mediocre Oklahoma team in South Bend and lost to an atrocious Pitt team a few weeks back somewhere.  I think that was in Pittsburgh…I really don’t remember.  I just like the opportunity to get a straight up pick on this game.




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