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College Gameday Drinking Game: Week 15

Week 15 Banner

To Start:
Take a drink for each person wearing a black suit coat.
My Friend Game: One person is designated “My friend”.  Every time Corso says, “Not so fast, my friend” everyone besides the designated person finishes his drink.  The last person to finish becomes the new “My friend” for not being fast enough.  When Lee says “Not so fast, [ ]” with any ending besides, “Friend”, the Friend must drink until Lee stops talking.
Pollack’s Bitch Game: One person is designated as David Pollack Bitch.  Every time David Pollack insults a team, player, or coach, Pollack’s bitch drinks for five seconds and then passes the roll onto some of his choice.
Analyst Game: Pick an analyst (Kirk, Lee, or Desmond).  Each time your analyst is shown alone on camera or previews a game take a drink….if you’re analyst goes off screen, the person who takes his place at the table is now your analyst (for better or for worse).
Additionally, if two analysts are shown on screen, you must compete in paper-rock-scissors with a person who has selected the other analyst.  IF you lose, you take a drink.
Signs and Flags
Take a drink for each Washington state flag in the background
Take a drink for each sign referencing Auburn
Take a drink for each sign referencing the Iron Bowl

Take a drink for each sign playing off of ESPN
Take a drink for each sign referencing Urban Meyer
Take a drink for each sign referencing Jameis Winston
The Samantha Ponder Game:
Take a drink each time Samantha Ponder is shown.
If when she’s shown, you think Samantha Ponder is a Smokeshow continue drinking until she is off screen.
During the show:
If at any point during the show, an analyst picks your alma mater or favorite team to win, finish your beer.  (If picked during Saturday Selection, you only need to finish only a single beer)
Make sure to continue following the “My Friend”, “Pollack’s Bitch”, and “Analyst” games
Take a drink every time Blake Bell, Blake Bortles, Bob Stoops, or Clint Chelf are shown
Take a drink whenever “_____ conference championship” is said
Take a drink each time the word “Iron Bowl” is mentioned or the final play of the Iron Bowl is show.
Drink for the amount of seconds you think are equal to the length of Paul Finebaum’s ears (in inches) when he is shown the first time.
Take a drink every time a stadium is shown.
Take a drink each time Ohio State and Auburn are compared
Take a drink whenever Jameis Winston or his charges are mentioned
Take a drink whenever the “Prayer in Jordan-Hare” is mentioned or shown.
Take a drink every time Kirk says “Win Big”
Take a drink every time Lee Corso says “Closer than the experts think.” or “By a field goal”
Take a drink each time Lee Corso stumbles over his words.
Take a drink whenever someone mentions Michigan State’s defense.
Finish a beer if the guest picker is Larry Bird
Take a drink every time The Bear is shown.
Perform the Saturday Selections.  Each time you agree with your analyst, take a drink.  Each time you disagree, take 3 drinks.  If you fail to make a pick, take 5 drinks.  (Desmond’s partners will be paired with the guest picker.)
During the MSU-OSU pick, if it is mentioned that Lee Corso’s first headgear pick was OSU, finish a beer.  If Corso dons the Brutus head, finish a beer.  If Corso picks up the Brutus head and then throws it before putting on the Michigan State gear finish 3 BEERS.  If he just puts on the Spartan gear finish 2 Beers.

Picks Against the Spread: Week 15


Game Spread Pick Info
#16 Central Florida @ SMU Even UCF I’m not really too hyped about UCF at this point.  There is good news and bad news for Cincinnati natives like myself: if UCF loses and Cincy wins the Bearcats are going to a BCS Bowl!  How neat is that?  UCF is now 7-4 against the spread on the year.  All four of those loses have come as a double figure favorite and UCF is 2-0 as a dog or even spread…so why not?  It’s almost like win-win.
#13 Michigan State vs #2 Ohio State Bucks -5.5 OSU I picked against MSU last week and won, right?  Michigan State is 7-4-1 against the spread this year.  The one tie came in the Spartans only loss…I don’t think it is possible to tie a spread on a half, so I’m just rounding up to taking the Bucks.  Ohio State has lost the last 3 against the spread this year, but I have confidence the explosive offense will trump the MSU defense much like OSU defense was often thumped by SEC schools in the past.
#11 Baylor vs Texas Baylor -15 Texas So it would seem Baylor has fallen into the same soul trap as Oregon.  The loss hangover has the Bears forgetting their identity.  Well, just in time for a Texas team which still has an outside shot at the BCS Bowl berth should they beat Baylor and Okie State loses.  Baylor has the same shot if they win….basically both teams are weirdly fond of Oklahoma this week.
#10 Mizzeruh vs #T3 Auburn Aub -2.0 Mizzou So you want to play for a National Title, do you?  I’m picking the Tigers to pull off a minor league upset.  The talk around the nation has Auburn more concerned with the polls and Ohio State than Missouri…and I’m just also not convinced with this Auburn team; after all, they’re a couple of miracles away from a possible 9-3 record.  These are both huge surprises, but someone’s magical season has to end and Auburn has used up most of its good fortune.
#9 Stanford @ #8 Arizona State ASU -3.0 Push I have no idea if I’m allowed to push, but I am.  It gives me one helluva lot less chance of being right, but I’m honestly taking Arizona State (to quote my good friend Lee Corso) by a field goal.  Stanford pummeled ASU in Palo Alto earlier this year, but not so fast my friend.  Arizona State has been has had a little luck at home this year…ask Wisconsin.
#7 Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma Okie St. -9.5 Okie State Okie State is 8-2 against the spread and a miscellaneous unregistered spread against UTSA.  They haven’t lost since Kansas State in week 6.  Oklahoma isn’t very good.  The clear pick is Oklahoma State much to the chagrin of Baylor and Texas.
#1 Florida State vs Duke FSU -29 Duke Since I’m not a soft ass b***h, I made this pick Terrelle Pryor to the announcement about Jameis Winston tomorrow…but picked Duke anyway.  Florida State should roll Duke, hence a 29 point spread in conference championship game, but I don’t think Duke will go down without a fight…Florida State has lost against the spread in perhaps the most unlikely game this year: Boston College…aside from that they haven’t though.

Every Other Game


Game Spread Pick Info
Louisville @ Cincinnati UL -3.5 Louisville I’m not taking the time to stat check all these games.  Louisville should be a far better team than a UC squad which was Scheelhaased earlier this year.
Bowling Green vs Northern Illinois n. IL -3.5 N. Illinois Jordan Lynch for Heisman?  Pending Jameis Winston’s status as a raper.
Marshall vs Rice Marsh -4.5 Rice I have a very, very, very, very, very, very weak connection to Rice: a girl who is one of my friends has knows a guy who is studying there to be a doctor and I talked to him on the phone while drunk once…Go Owls!
Memphis @ UConn Even Memphis This is about the saddest game I’ve seen since Texans-Jaguars on Thursday Night Football…who ever though the Jags would be considered the trendy pick in that puppy?
South Florida @ Rutgers Rutgers -6.0 Rutgers As a future Big Ten member, you’d better be able to squash South Florida into the ground, Rutgers.  If not, I’ll throw basketballs at your players again.
Lafayette @ South Buhmuh USA -3.0 ULL You’re putting the spread against my boys the Cajun Cajuns?  I’m going to have to have words with this spread creator.
Utah State @ Fresno State Fresno -3.0 Fresno I have a hard time picking against one of my most favorite named Quarterbacks Chuckie Keeton, but it’s just that Fresno State is more than three points better than Utah State.

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